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Lufa soap dish. VEGAN

Price 4.00 €
Loofah is the ripened fruit of a series of tropical plants belonging to the cucurbit family (such as squash or zucchini). When ripe, the...

Round bamboo soap dish

Price 5.95 €
Bamboo soap dish to deposit and drain shampoos and solid soaps.   Thanks to this soap dish, your solid hygiene products will be kept in...

Stone Soap Holder

Price 6.00 €
Soap dish made out of Schima Superba wood. With holes in the base to help your soap bars, shampoo or solid conditioner dry easily. Size:...

Metal travel soap dish

Price 6.50 €
Tin soap dish that allows you to carry your solid hygiene products on trips and getaways.   Protect bars of solid soap, shampoo,...

Stone Soap Holder

Price 7.50 €
Soap dish made of sandstone. With holes in the base for easy soap, shampoo or conditioner bars to dry. Size: 14x9x2 cm (two pills fit...

Rainbow Paua Abalone Shell

Price 11.50 €
Natural Abalone shell, of the Haliotis Paua variety (rainbow), to be used as a burner for incense or incense (sage or palo santo) and even as a...

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