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Lufa soap dish. VEGAN

Price 4.00 €
Loofah is the ripened fruit of a series of tropical plants belonging to the cucurbit family (such as squash or zucchini). When ripe, the...

Pots and pans brush

Price 4.50 €
Hard brush for scrubbing pots without grating them.   It is made with untreated beech wood and very hard and resistant vegetable fibers...

Metal travel soap dish

Price 6.50 €
Tin soap dish that allows you to carry your solid hygiene products on trips and getaways.   Protect bars of solid soap, shampoo,...

Bamboo toothbrush cover

Price 8.40 €
Small case made of bamboo to transport the toothbrush.   It is the perfect solution to take on a trip or for people who regularly eat away...

Jute Natural Sponge

Price 9.50 €
Natural sponge made of crocheted jute threads. It stimulates blood circulation and has a great exfoliating power. Product without...

Denver sandwich holder

Price 11.00 €
Reusable and waterproof cover to transport sandwiches or any other type of snack.   It is the perfect size to transport sandwiches safely,...

Bamboo Cutlery Set. VEGAN

Price 12.00 €
Out of stock
Bamboo cutlery set with case. Contains spoon, knife, fork, straw, and straw cleaning brush. It is presented in a cotton cover that...

Retro pattern clothespins

Price 14.00 €
Out of stock
50 clothes pegs size 10.5cm. collected in a cotton cloth bag. Made with untreated beech wood. They have a retro or vintage design, which...

Square Metal Lunch Box

Price 23.00 €
Square stainless steel lunch box with the ideal size to transport sandwiches, but also other foods such as chopped fruit, salads or snacks. Ideal...

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