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Oriculli Organic Ear Cleaner

Price 4.50 €
Out of stock
ORICULI ORGANIC EAR CLEANER Organic bamboo ear cleaner. Very easy to use it allows you to remove excess ear wax without damaging your ears and...

Dog Solid Shampoo Short Hair

Price 15.00 €
Out of stock
Champú sólido y vegano para perro, gato o mascota, adecuado para pelaje corto. Este champú sólido, natural y vegano, es adecuado para cabellos...

Stone Soap Holder

Price 7.50 €
Soap dish made of sandstone. With holes in the base for easy soap, shampoo or conditioner bars to dry. Size: 14x9x2 cm (two pills fit...

Stone Soap Holder

Price 6.00 €
Soap dish made out of Schima Superba wood. With holes in the base to help your soap bars, shampoo or solid conditioner dry easily. Size:...

Coconut Flower Pot

Price 11.00 €
New COCO pot! Made from a medium smooth bowl and with a coconut base to achieve greater stability. Origin: Vietnam Diameter: 10-11 cm...

Bamboo toothbrush cover

Price 8.40 €
Small case made of bamboo to transport the toothbrush.   It is the perfect solution to take on a trip or for people who regularly eat away...

Children's Nail Brush

Price 8.50 €
Nail brush for babies and children made of waxed beech wood, with an animal drawing. The bristles are of medium hardness, suitable for the...

Baby hair brush

Price 10.00 €
Pear wood brush and very soft natural bristles. Without plastics, so it does not generate static electricity. It allows brushing the baby's...

3 Handmade Jute Bags

Price 14.00 €
Pack of three reusable jute fabric bags. You can use them for your bulk purchases or transport or store any other object. Available in two...

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