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Clothing Solid Soap

Price 4.90 €
This natural solid soap is the best option for hand washing clothes, it is handcrafted with superior quality olive and sunflower vegetable oils....

Coconut Fibre Brush

Price 2.90 €
COCONUT FIBRE BRUSH This multipurpose Scrubbing Coconut Fibre Brush is ideal as a vegetable brush, as a kitchen scourer, as a body massager, as...

Diswashing Solid Soap

Price 4.90 €
We love this washing up solid soap bar made from sunflower oil and olive oil. It cleans very well and is the perfect substitute for liquid...

Natural Jute Scourer

Price 5.95 €
Natural jute scourer for scrubbing dishes and any other useful item, as well as bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Product without plastics,...

Natural Loofah Scourer

Price 3.90 €
Loofah scrubber, product of natural origin, suitable for washing plates, glassware and cutlery, as well as different surfaces, including electric...

Pot Brush

Price 4.50 €
This dinky little chap will be a valued assistant in the shed, at the kitchen sink, in the boot room or in the laundry as his tough, union fibre...

Reusable Paper Towels

Price 12.90 €
Bamboo bayettes are the most environmentally friendly solution for cleaning your home. They are highly absorbent and you can use them...

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