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Coconut Shell Soy Candle

Price 26.90 €
Featuring a real COCONUT SHELL, AND COCONUT SOY WAX blend and a crackling wooden wick, these eco friendly Coconut Soy Candles smell incredible and...


Price 7.90 €
Gray salt crystals tea candle holder Create a warm light and improve the atmosphere at home and in the office with this natural candle of gray...

Masala Incense, Set of 2

Price 6.90 €
Pack of two Nag Champa and Jasmine Masala Incense. 14 stick in each box These hand-rolled masala incense sticks are carefully prepared with...

Singing Bowl Plus Stick

Price 24.00 €
The sound of Tibetan sound bowls entertains the brain to move towards the frequencies of Theta brain waves that induce deep meditative and...

White Sage Smudge

Price 4.90 €
Smudge Sticks or Smudge Bundles are all-natural ceremonial incense, traditionally burned in Native American rituals such as sweat lodges....

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