If you have come this far,  it means that the indiscriminate use of plastic worries you,  and you want to make changes in your consumption to be part of the solution.

The same thing happened to me. I began to be aware of the large amount of plastic I consumed on daily basis and how harmful it is for our planet. But I didn't quite know what to do because plastic was everywhere. Obviously, in the supermarket and all its packaged products, but also in my children's toys, my pet's care products, any kind of utensils that I used in the kitchen (containers, scouring pads, cloths ...), also, almost All the cosmetics in my bathroom were packaged in plastic, even the oned which components were natural and of ecological origin.

I had already made some changes in my life that I knew helped with the care of the environment, such purchasing food of organic origin and kilometer 0, the manufacture of some homemade hygiene or cosmetic products, the dissociation of my waste so that they were easily recyclable or compostable, etc. But it wasn't enough! There was still a lot of plastic in my life.

Little by little I was making more changes and finding alternatives. First, I started getting rid of with single-use plastics, which are  the most visible, the most scandalous and possibly the easiest to change. In this way, for example, plastic shopping bags or non-reusable water bottles disappeared.

And I kept trying. I wanted to go a step further and get rid of those other products that, without being for single use, are packaged or made up with plastic elements. This is how loofah pads and sponges, solid soaps or reusable make-up remover discs arrived. And not only that, in addition, I switched on to natural cosmetics, which allowed me to discover the great properties of ingredients such as shea butter, coconut or avocado oils and the power of essential oils or materials such as bamboo and white sage.

Freed my house of plastics, for the most part, I wanted to go a step further. Be part of the solution with even greater commitment. That is why Alma Eko was born, to be able to share my discoveries with more people, inspire and infect more Eko Souls. 

The products that you will find in our online store are selected with great dedication. We try to make them as natural as possible, with ecological and organic ingredients. It is also very important for us that the production and distribution chains of the products are respectful with the environment and with the people who work in them. Therefore, we collaborate with ethical companies, committed to human rights and care for the planet.

But do you know what? We have come to realize that the plastics industry is so powerful that it is virtually impossible to escape from it nowadays.

We have concluded that single-use plastics are the biggest problem. And we invite you to put all your energy into eradicating them from your life and being more self-compassionate when you can't find the perfect alternative to some products that are really difficult to change. 

In our search for alternative products, we found some compounds that carry a very small percentage of petroleum derivatives, such as polyester. Sometimes, to protect a cosmetic, lengthen the durability of a product or provide stability to a fabric, there is no other alternative. In fact, we are convinced that there is, but production costs would soar so high that commercialization would be unfeasible.

Therefore, when we consider whether a product becomes part of our catalog and discover that, for example, a part of the lid contains a plastic part, we stop to think and ask ourselves some questions: Have we found a better alternative? Does the product have other qualities that make it worthwhile? Is this product better than its 'conventional' substitute? After reflecting on these aspects, we already have our answer.

In this way, although at Alma Eko we consider ourselves a store without plastics, because it is our goal and we dedicate our energy to it, you can find some products that contain small percentages of petroleum derivatives, although we continue working to find a better alternative. 

Of course, we are committed to movements such as Zero Waste or Cero Residuos, Plastic Free, Low Waste or Low Plastic (the latter are somewhat more realistic). All of them committed to caring for the planet from the perspective that resources are finite and it is in our power to make a responsible consumption of them and to stop polluting the oceans with our garbage.

And, now, it's your turn. What if you help us make our catalog 100% free of plastics? Although our efforts are focused on finding those products without petroleum derivatives , sometimes it is not easy to find alternatives .  We will be happy if you shared with us any proposals or experiences with products you have encountered and that have worked for your. .

We must take care of the Planet toguether.

Welcome, Eko Souls!.

It’s never to late to start your brightest life.
Join now our plastic free & zero waste movement!
With love; ALMA EKO


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