When I started to be conscious on all the plastic I was using daily and that was harming our beautiful and only planet, I would have never thought about the long list of products I needed to make an end to, however what amazed me was that today you can find replacements to all of those products but in biodegradable, plastic free, natural, reusable and zero waste materials, which you can now find available here at Alma Eko.

So I challenge you to go around your house and make a list of all the plastic products or plastic packaging you see, and let me know if any of those products you can’t find an eco friendly alternative.

This situation became very concerning for me, as plastic can take from 500 to 1000 years to degrade and today we are only recycling  5% of all the plastic we are producing. So you might think now where does it all end up, well, as a selfish human race we are, we throw it mostly away in the ocean, home to other species of this planet where we as humans can’t live. And for last but not least, one of the biggest garbage soups we have created in the ocean is the size of Spain three times, killing 1 million sea birds and 100 thousand marine mammals each year.

Time to act, and opt for a sustainable and conscious living, consuming in moderation without thinking that recycling is the solution because it is not. We have to eradicate the production of plastic starting by the single use plastic and other products packed in plastic and which doesn’t have a long life time, and to do so, we as consumers we need to stop purchasing them.

Our grandparents lived without it and so could we, and therefore the reason of Alma Eko and many other plastic free stores worldwide to prove it, giving you the option of many products to live a life plastic free while keeping our planet clean for our children and all the species in this world.

It’s never to late to start your brightest life.
Join now our plastic free & zero waste movement!
With love; ALMA EKO


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