Natural incense in sheet of White Sage Smudge

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Incense or natural incense of the white sage leaf to aromatize and purify environments.

Bunches of white sage are natural incense made from dried leaves traditionally used in Native American ceremonies in order to cleanse the energies of the spaces.

Burn one of these bunches and you will get a natural air freshener, with a pleasant and relaxing aroma. In addition, it also serves to repel insects such as mosquitoes or moths.

Vegan and plastic-free product.

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16 cm. long approximately.


This white sage incense or incense is made from the dried leaves of the plant. Burn it and aromatize the environment with a very pleasant and relaxing smell.

Healing properties are attributed to white sage, related to relaxation and purification of environments. The bundles of natural leaves were traditionally used as incense in Native American ceremonies in order to cleanse the energies of the spaces.

Vegan and plastic-free product.


Burn one end of the incense and let the smoke permeate the environment. Deposit the incense on a burner or abalone shell.

You can also undo the bunch and place the leaves on hot charcoal or stone.

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