Hard Dish Scrubbing Brush, Handle and Head

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Hard scrub brush with handle, made of untreated beech wood, vegetable bristles from Tampico and resistant stainless steel wire.

It is an alternative to conventional scourers, made with petroleum derivatives, which with use break down and release microplastics into the water, which the treatment plants cannot filter and end up polluting rivers and oceans. The bristles of this brush are biodegradable, so they do not pollute the water if they become detached.

It is a very resistant and durable product. If necessary, we have spare parts for the head.

Vegan and plastic-free product.

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Handle length: 25 cm

Brush base diameter: 5 cm

Approximate diameter of brush bristles: 8 cm


This stiff handle brush is suitable for scrubbing dishes, glassware and cutlery. It is also suitable for cleaning cookware and pans that require intense scrubbing.

It is made in Germany, with untreated beech wood and vegetable bristles of tampico (a type of agave). The handle has two pieces of stainless steel. One to hold the head and another, as a hook to hang.

The handle allows you to comfortably exert force without slouching while scrubbing.

It is a very resistant and durable product. When necessary, the head can be replaced thanks to these spare parts.

It is a vegan product.


Apply soap to the bristles and scrub the previously moistened dishes. Rinse with plenty of water so that no traces of soap remain and allow to air dry.


It is a vegan product, free of plastic and biodegradable, so there is no risk of contaminating the water if any bristles are detached. Quite the opposite happens when we use conventional scouring pads, made with petroleum derivatives. With use, they come apart and small plastic particles come off that the treatment plants are not able to filter. These microplastics end up polluting rivers and oceans, putting aquatic biodiversity at serious risk.

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