Natural drying balls in cotton bag - Move&Wash. NO VEGAN

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4 XL drying balls for clothes, made of wool.

Put them in the dryer with wet clothes to save up to 25% on drying time.

It also softens textiles without the need to use chemical softeners that wear down our garments, pollute water and can be toxic to our body.

Plastic-free product. Packed in a cotton bag.

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Cotton bag with 4 natural XL drying balls inside.


These balls will help you reduce the time it takes the dryer to dry your clothes by up to 25% less. They are responsible for lifting and separating the fabrics so that the air circulates and they dry faster.

The friction with the balls makes the garments softer, thus avoiding the use of conventional fabric softeners in the wash.

They are made with wool in Nepal.


Put the already washed clothes in the dryer together with the 4 balls. To achieve maximum efficiency, the ideal is to introduce a maximum of 5 kilos of clothing.

You can include a few drops of essential oil or washing perfume in the balls so that your clothes come out with a pleasant clean smell.

With these 4 balls you can carry out up to 1000 charges.


It is a product made in Nepal in an ethical way and in decent conditions for workers.

Plastic-free product.

Avoiding the use of a tumble dryer is better for the environment, but in some climates and with the rhythms of life of Western society, it sometimes becomes essential. Using these balls will help you to emit less polluting gases because you will reduce the time of use of the dryer and, therefore, the energy consumption.

You will also avoid the use of conventional fabric softeners. These pollute the waters and may contain substances that are harmful to our body. The balls will soften and add a good smell, if you use essential oils, to your clothes without toxic ingredients.

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