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Lufa soap dish. VEGAN

Price 4.00 €
Loofah is the ripened fruit of a series of tropical plants belonging to the cucurbit family (such as squash or zucchini). When ripe, the...

Oriculli Organic Ear Cleaner

Price 4.50 €
Out of stock
ORICULI ORGANIC EAR CLEANER Organic bamboo ear cleaner. Very easy to use it allows you to remove excess ear wax without damaging your ears and...

Lava Scrub Stone. VEGAN

Price 5.00 €
Out of stock
100% natural Lava Scrub Stone with suspension braid. Rub the lava stone wherever you have dry or dead skin, and flakes will come off. This is a...

Eco multipurpose bag

Price 5.50 €
Multipurpose bag made with recycled cotton. Made by hand in Madrid (Spain) with raw materials of national origin. You can use it...

Round bamboo soap dish

Price 5.95 €
Bamboo soap dish to deposit and drain shampoos and solid soaps.   Thanks to this soap dish, your solid hygiene products will be kept in...

Copper Tongue Cleaner

Price 6.00 €
Copper tongue scraper or cleaner. Cleaning the tongue is an essential part of oral hygiene, but often forgotten. The tongue, due to the...

Stone Soap Holder

Price 6.00 €
Soap dish made out of Schima Superba wood. With holes in the base to help your soap bars, shampoo or solid conditioner dry easily. Size:...

Toothbrush holder. vegan

Price 6.95 €
Hydrophil ceramic toothbrush holder.   This holder is specially designed for Hydrophil toothbrushes. It keeps the brush in a vertical...

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